Direction is controlled by the mouse pointer.

RMB (HOLD) - Move
LMB (HOLD) - Fire
ESC - Menu / Pause

Save your score and show it off!


Weapons will upgrade automatically when reaching higher scores, but they will be needed as reaching higher scores means more Asteroids!


Single Laser - 0-99
Double Laser - 100 - 499
Triple Laser - 500 +


Turrets auto target asteroids and will fire by themselves, they only do a small amount of damage but as they upgrade in speed they become incredibly powerful

Very Slow - 50 - 149
Slow - 150 - 249
Medium - 250 -649
Fast - 750 -999
Very Fast 1000 +


Rockets will fire when they are ready, they fire much slower than lasers but do huge damage and destroy everything around them when they explode

Slow - 0 - 99
Medium - 100 - 499
Fast - 500 +


Big - 1 Point

Big Asteroids tend to be slower than the others and are much easier targets
Destroying them will split them into medium Asteroids.

Medium - 2 Points

Medium Asteroids come from breaking big Asteroids, they will tend to move a little faster but slightly harder to hit, destroying one will break it into small Asteroids.

Small - 3 points

Small Asteroids come from breaking medium Asteroids, thes are usually faster and quite tough to target

Golden - 100 points

The Golden Asteroids are rarer than all other Asteroids, they are tough to break but when you do destroy one, it will yield a huge amount of points


Green Blob - 25 Points

Green Blobs, or atleast thats what I am currently calling them! will give you 25 points


Destroy your first Golden Asteroid as fast as you can, a nicely placed rocket will do this with ease.  You will then have your first upgraded weapons.

Release date Jun 08, 2018
Authorssadface_rl, PowLow_Paolo
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Arcade, Asteroids, Fast-Paced, High Score, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksPatreon, Twitter

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Clearly you cheated!

You dare question my honour sir!? 

We shall settle this with fisticuffs at dawn!

Are you british?

No my good man, I'm British.



(1 edit) (+1)

I like the updates that you applied to the game, especially the turrets.  It's much more fun now!

Thank you!

All Scores below are invalid with current version

Catching up!

Finally did a bit better!

I'm so bad at my own game!

A few tries and I finally got to see a weapon upgrade at 500 points. It's a very nice to play game! Love it ^_^
There's a little thing about score: It keeps adding while the ship's destroyed. Idk if it's intended or not. Feels like cheating of some sort xd

It should continue to add until the last bullet is gone off screen. so if a stray bullet hits something you get the extra point.

Took a while to get this, finally got my flow!

I suck at my own game


Beat that!